Community Outreach Successes

Making a Difference

The JUNTOS Contra el Cáncer (United against Cancer) program was a promotor-led, bilingual, culturally tailored, interactive, group-based intervention targeting individuals not up-to-date with colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. Working with our community partner Family Health Centers of San Diego, the Outreach Core aimed to link the intervention with patient navigation to improve screening rates. A total of 214 eligible individuals not up to date on CRC screening participated in this program and preliminary results show that 67% of workshop participants reported completion of CRC screening at 6-month follow-up.

In addition, the Outreach Core successfully implemented an evidence-based, best practices focused patient navigation program for abnormal FIT follow-up at two clinics within Family Health Centers of San Diego. Over 17 months, 137 patients were navigated, and the abnormal FIT follow-up rate improved by 17% (from 25% to 42%).

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