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L. Rodriguez; (Family Health Centers of San Diego)Enhancing Breast Health and Breast Cancer Screening through Education and OutreachSusan G. Komen - San Diego07/2017-06/2018

Featured Grants

Partnership teams from SDSU and UCSD receive NCI funding for ACCSIS Grant (Accelerating Colorectal Cancer Screening and Follow-Up Through Implementation Science)

Drs. Elena Martinez, Samir Gupta, and Sheila Castañeda were awarded funds for an NCI Cancer Moonshot proposal titled “CRC-HUB-SPOKE: A ColoRectal Cancer screening Hub for Southern California community health centers.” The project addresses the extremely low colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and follow-up rates in community health centers (CHCs) in San Diego County. This implementation science project will look at a multilevel intervention that combines centralized strategies implemented or coordinated by an consortium organization (Health Quality Partners, HQP, the hub) to regional CHCs (spokes) and their patients. This project will assess if these methods are an effective, scalable, and sustainable approach to optimize CRC screening, follow-up, and referral-to-care.
ACCSIS Team at annual Investigators Meeting in Washington, DC
From L to R: Balambal Bharti, PhD, Jesse Nodora, DrPH, Elena Martinez, PhD, Samir Gupta, MD (all from UCSD), Sheila Castañeda, PhD (SDSU), Jennifer Covin, MPH, and Kristine Ortwine, MPH (HQP)

Christal Sohl, PhD, awarded American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant

Dr. Christal Sohl, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry at SDSU was awarded an American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant. The study, titled "Mechanisms of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Variants in Cancer", aims to develop tools to help inform therapeutic inhibitor response and prognosis based on mutation identity. The prestigious four-year grant was awarded in Spring 2019, and, as Dr. Sohl notes, her lab has already "identified new features of mutant IDH1 inhibitor selectivity, and generated cellular tools to connect chemistry to phenotype". Dr. Sohl (SDSU) mentors Partnership-supported PhD students as well as undergraduate Partnership Scholars. Congratulations, Dr. Sohl!

Humberto Parada, PhD, Partnership Early Stage Investigator, awarded NCI K01

Dr. Humberto Parada Jr, Assistant Professor in the San Diego State University’s School of Public Health, has been awarded National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award to Promote Diversity. This career development award will focus on examining the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids in mortality following breast cancer among women who participated in the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) Study, a multi-site randomized trial of the effect of a plant-based dietary pattern on breast cancer recurrence and survival, conducted by scientists at MCC. Specifically, Dr. Parada will examine red blood cell fatty acids in association with mortality following breast cancer and breast tumor gene expression.