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Community Advisory Board

The purpose of the Partnership’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to serve as a working partner in guiding the Partnership’s activities by representing the voice of the community. CAB member knowledge and skills compliment those of Partnership faculty and staff.

Responsibilities of the CAB Members

  • Work with Partnership faculty and staff to help the community understand and support current and future efforts.
  • Provide information about the Barrio Logan and surrounding area communities’ research needs and concerns based on knowledge of the community and feedback about the research (planned and ongoing).
  • Provide information that will help the Partnership improve study participants’ compliance and quality of life through personal experience and knowledge of community-wide needs.
  • Review concepts for proposed research, informed consent plans, and related materials.
  • Provide information that may help Partnership faculty and staff better understand the community so that they can devise effective strategies for outreach, recruitment, and retention.
  • Assist with study recruitment outreach.
  • Participate in the protocol development and study implementation processes.
  • Provide linkages to targeted communities and assistance in forming partnerships.
  • Assist with translation of scientific information into lay language.
  • Inform the broader community about the studies being conducted, their importance to the community, and their potential impact on treatment or prevention.
  • Work with the Community Health Workers (Carolina & Giovanna) to identify appropriate networks for outreach and/or assist with outreach through these networks.
  • Advise on how best to disseminate information about research results in a timely manner and review materials to ensure that they are appropriately crafted.
Community Advisory Board Affiliation Role In Organization
Janet Adamian, MPH Logan Heights Family Health Center Regional Director
Daniel “Stony” Anderson, MD, FACP California Colorectal Cancer Coalition President
Kay Clark American Cancer Society, Inc. Health Systems Manager, Hospitals
Luis Guerra Esnaurriza Cancer Survivor
Sara H. Fainstein, MPH, PhD Cancer Survivor Psycho-Social Oncology Consultant
Karina Moyano, MPH American Cancer Society, Inc. Health Systems Manager, Primary Care
Prisci Quijada, MPH California Department of Public Health
Office of Binational Border Health
Program Coordinator
Joanne Thomasen Cancer Detection Program: Every Woman Counts Health Educator